Saturday May 23, 2015 – (3:09PM-4:48PM)

  • On Saturday May 23, 2015, Vancouver Mayor met privately with an applicant in advance of casting his vote three days later in City Council.

Tuesday May 26, 2015 – Vancouver CityCouncil – Public Hearing

  • Three days later the Mayor voted in favour of the applicant to: Remove an office use restriction for the Telus Garden ground floor, and to allow a retail use continuity agreement.
  • No disclosure was made at the formal Council hearing of this private hearing, held three days earlier between the Council member and the applicant.
  • This applicant had several ongoing applications in need of various Council approvals or enactments, including the multi billion dollar condominium development at Oakridge.

In law, a hearing is a proceeding before a court or other decision-making body or officer.

  1. Could this private hearing have been unintentional?
  2. Why was this private hearing never disclosed by the Mayor?
  3. Would a common person believe the Mayor held this private hearing for the public interest?
  4. Why did the Mayor leave a satchel at the front desk before disappearing with the applicant for over an hour? What would a common person believe?
  5. Could this have been connected with performance of the Mayor’s duties of office?

Bob Mackin and TheBreaker broke this story late Friday March 24, 2017. Bob Mackin’s complete original story is available at TheBreaker and can be accessed at