The longterm leasehold loan documents are provided for benefit of keen public that were curious about the lower value BCH loans. The following loans were recently attached to the 1077-1099 Richards social housing property and are dated on the documents. These loans are not the same as the loans extended to the 508 Helmcken luxury condo development property which is located on a different location, which is a market rate site containing no affordable housing at all.

A $15.5 million loan requirement need was identified for the 127 Society by the City in this Oct 22, 2012 City of Vancouver in camera report. Our Society had the City release this in camera report on January 20, 2017.

Page 9 of the same report – original version. (underlined version is below)

Underlined version of same page 9.

Full doc: Oct22_2012_508_Cam

Registered on Land Title

Three mortgage documents were found.

Two values were identified.

$8.4 Million


$1.25 Million


We will update known loans as identified.