508 HELMCKEN: New address 1111 Richards. a.k.a. “8×8 ON THE PARK”

This is a collection of sales data we have obtained regarding this project. It has been advertised that it is 85% sold so there will be much more information eventually disclosed.

sold-2007-1111Rich_$1761 A:

The Range of these Strata Condo Sales price per square foot of area is $1348 – $1,761

These are some market strata Pre-Sales at 508 Helmcken sold by Rennie Marketing Systems in 2016. Construction of these strata condos has not yet occurred. Advertising says 85% of units are SOLD.

Other Pre-Sales at “8×8 ON THE PARK” Luxury Strata Development
sold-2605-1111Rich_2.55%_$1706 B: SOLD October 24, 2016

sold-2209-1111Rich_2.55%_$1663 C: SOLD July 17, 2016

Sold-1308-1111Rich_2.55%_$1614 D: SOLD NOV 25, 2016

sold-1208-1111Rich_2.55%_$1519 E: SOLD JUNE 15, 2016

sold-2807-1111Rich_2.55%_$1480 F: SOLD JULY 25, 2016

sold-2707-1111Rich_2.55%__$1417 G: SOLD NOVEMBER 15, 2016

sold-3002-1111Rich_2.55%_$1348 H: SOLD JUNE 11, 2016

Rennie Marketing Systems says this about pre-sales:

“In 2015, we sold over $1 billion in pre-sale real estate across a portfolio of 21 projects. We pre-sell an average of 1,500 homes per year”.